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How to Stop Dogs from Digging: The Most Effective Solutions

Dogs are known to dig in the yard, and this can be a problem for pet owners. To help, we’ve gathered the best solutions to stop dogs from digging. These solutions range from providing an alternate activity for your pet to using physical barriers, and can help you stop your dog from digging up your lawn.

Understand why Dogs Dig

Before you can address the problem of your dog’s digging, you need to understand why they do it in the first place. Dogs may dig to create a cool spot on a hot day, to bury a bone or toy, or to escape from their yard. They may also dig because they’re bored or lack mental stimulation.

Once you’ve identified why your dog is digging, you can take steps to address the issue.

Provide an Alternate Activity

If your dog is digging out of boredom, it’s important to give them an alternate activity. Give your dog plenty of exercise, and provide them with toys and puzzles to keep them mentally stimulated.

You can also provide your dog with a digging area. This will give them an appropriate place to dig, and help redirect their energy.

Use Physical Barriers

Physical barriers can also help stop your dog from digging. You can create a barrier by fencing off a section of your yard, or by burying chicken wire or other materials around the area where your dog likes to dig.

You can also use scent deterrents to keep your dog away from the area. For example, you can sprinkle the area with vinegar or cayenne pepper, or spray it with a commercial scent deterrent.

Train Your Dog

Training your dog is another way to stop them from digging. Teach your dog the “leave it” command, and use it whenever you catch them digging. You can also reward your dog when they stay away from the area, and use a squirt bottle or other deterrent when they start to dig.

Provide Enough Attention

Finally, make sure you’re providing your dog with enough attention. Spend time with them each day, and give them plenty of love and affection. This will help to reduce their stress levels and keep them from digging out of boredom.


Dogs often dig in the yard, but there are solutions to stop them from doing so. Start by understanding why your dog is digging, and then provide them with an alternate activity, use physical barriers, train them, and give them plenty of attention. Following these steps can help you stop your dog from digging up your lawn.

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