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How to Stop Dogs from Peeing on Your Lawn

If you’ve been finding surprise presents from your neighbourhood dogs on your lawn, you’re likely wondering how to stop them from peeing on your grass. Fortunately, there are several steps you can take to protect your lawn from this unwelcome behaviour. In this article, we’ll share tips on how to stop dogs from peeing on your lawn, as well as a few preventative measures you can take to keep them away.

Identify the Dog

The first step in addressing the problem is to identify the dog or dogs who are peeing on your lawn. If you have a security camera, you can check the footage to determine who is the culprit. If you don’t, you can look for paw prints in the morning and try to identify the size and shape of the paws. You can also try to spot the dog while it’s in the act, or ask your neighbours if they know who the culprit is.

Block Access to Your Lawn

One of the best ways to stop dogs from peeing on your lawn is to block their access to it. If there’s a fence around your property, make sure it’s secure and there are no gaps or holes that the dogs could use to get in. If there’s no fence, consider installing one, or use a motion-activated sprinkler to deter the dogs from entering your lawn.

Train Your Own Dogs

If you have your own dogs, you can train them not to pee on your lawn. Start by taking them to the same spot each time they need to go, and give them treats and verbal praise when they go in the right place. You can also use a leash to lead them to their spot, and if they go in the wrong spot, move them to the right spot and give them a command such as “No” or “Go here.”

Use Repellents on Your Lawn

There are a variety of repellents you can use to stop dogs from peeing on your lawn. These repellents contain either a natural or synthetic scent that dogs find unpleasant and will avoid. You can buy these repellents from pet stores or online, and they come in either liquid or granular form. Simply spray or sprinkle the repellent in the areas where the dogs have been peeing, and they should stay away.

Clean Up After Your Dogs

If you have your own dogs, make sure to always clean up after them when they pee on your lawn. Use a pooper scooper or shovel to scoop up the waste and dispose of it properly. Not only will this help keep your lawn clean, but it will also discourage other dogs from coming onto your property to pee.

Talk to the Dog’s Owner

If you know who the dog is, or if you can identify it from the paw prints, you can talk to the owner and ask them to keep their dog off your lawn. Be polite and explain that their dog is causing a problem, and ask them to keep it away from your property. If the owner is uncooperative, you may need to take further steps, such as calling animal control or filing a complaint.

Install Signs

Installing signs in your yard can help deter dogs from peeing on your lawn. You can post signs that say “No Dogs Allowed” or “Keep Dogs Off Lawn” to remind people and their dogs that they are not welcome. You can also install motion-activated lights or sprinklers to scare away any dogs who do come onto your property.


Dogs peeing on your lawn is an unwelcome problem, but it is possible to stop them from doing so. By identifying the culprit, blocking access to your lawn, training your own dogs, using repellents, cleaning up after your dogs, talking to the owner, and installing signs, you can keep dogs away from your lawn and protect it from damage.

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