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How to Stop Your Puppy from Chewing Things

Puppies are naturally curious and love to explore their environment. Unfortunately, sometimes this means they chew on items that they shouldn’t, such as furniture, shoes, and other household items. In this article, we will discuss some of the most effective methods on how to stop your puppy from chewing things.

Understand Your Puppy’s Needs

Before you can effectively stop your puppy from chewing, it is important to understand why they do it in the first place. Chewing is a natural behavior for dogs, as it helps them to relieve stress, boredom, and even teething pain. It is also an instinctive behavior for puppies, as they explore their environment with their mouths.

Therefore, it is important to give your puppy plenty of appropriate outlets for their chewing needs. Provide them with toys specifically designed for chewing, such as Kongs, chew bones, and rope toys. You should also make sure your puppy has plenty of exercise and mental stimulation to help keep them from getting bored.

Redirect Your Puppy’s Chewing

Once you understand why your puppy is chewing, you can start to redirect their behavior. Whenever you catch your puppy chewing on something they shouldn’t, such as furniture or shoes, try to distract them with a toy. If they are still focused on the item, try to remove it from their reach and replace it with a toy.

It is also important to praise your puppy when they chew on the appropriate items. Give them treats and verbal praise when they chew on their toys to reinforce the behavior.

Discourage Chewing Through Discipline

It is also important to discourage inappropriate chewing through discipline. When you catch your puppy chewing on something they shouldn’t, make a loud noise to startle them, such as clapping your hands or saying “no” in a firm voice. Then, redirect their behavior with a toy or treat.

It is also important to remember that puppies have short attention spans, so it is important to be consistent with your discipline. If you catch your puppy chewing on something they shouldn’t, make sure to reprimand them every time.

Prevent Chewing Through Crate Training

Crate training can also be an effective way to prevent your puppy from chewing on items. When you are not home, it is important to put your puppy in a safe, secure area, such as a crate. This will help to prevent them from accessing items that they shouldn’t chew on.

Make sure the crate is big enough for your puppy to stand up, turn around, and lie down comfortably. You should also make sure the crate is comfortable and inviting by providing bedding, toys, and treats.

Keep Your Home Chew-Proof

Finally, it is important to make sure your home is chew-proof. This means keeping items that your puppy should not chew on out of their reach. This includes items such as shoes, furniture, cords, and other items. You should also make sure that all cleaning products, medications, and other hazardous items are stored in a secure area that your puppy cannot access.


Chewing is a natural behavior for puppies, but it can also be dangerous and destructive. By understanding your puppy’s needs, redirecting their behavior, discouraging inappropriate chewing through discipline, crate training, and keeping your home chew-proof, you can help to prevent your puppy from chewing on items they shouldn’t.

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